Why Is Escape From Tarkov So Hard?

Released in beta in 2017, Escape From Tarkov has been working non-stop to cement its place as one of the most challenging, unwanted games in history. It’s so scary that we’ve put together a guide to answer one simple question: why Is Escape from Tarkov so difficult?

It should be emphasized that this is written from the perspective of a player with over 1000 hours in Escape From Tarkov. To fully understand the depth and complexity of Escape From Tarkov, it’s important to live it.

So why is Escape From Tarkov so hard? Let’s find out.

Take your worst fears and multiply them

Escape From Tarkov is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s a punishing, anxiety-inducing game that can turn even the toughest player into an explosive wreck in just a few turns. If there were an award for the most difficult games in the world, Escape From Tarkov would be right there waiting for the award.

But why is Escape From Tarkov so difficult? And why it is the type of game it is other developers want to copy?

If we look at the basic formula, we can begin to piece together why this game is so incredibly challenging.

Escape From Tarkov is a PvPvE pick-me-up shooter and has basically pioneered both the genre and the concept. It’s a game where players invade one of a number of maps to “loot” and are tasked with fighting other players and AI opponents, looting the map, completing missions, and exiting the map again.

However, if a player is killed at any point in the raid – 30 seconds or 30 minutes – they lose everything they brought with them and everything they collected during the raid. They almost always lose the progress they made on certain missions during the raid. Now let’s keep in mind that Tarkov is essentially a “milsim” – it’s realistic, and includes damage mechanics.

There’s every chance you can run around the map for 35 minutes, get a massive amount of valuable loot, complete six missions and kill seven other players… And then, just as you’re approaching your exfil, you catch a single bullet and succumb to the darkness, losing everything.

That’s one of the main reasons why Escape From Tarkov is so difficult – it can be soul-crushing.

Let’s find out why escaping from Tarkov is so difficult

There are countless reasons that make Escape From Tarkov one of the most challenging PC games.

It doesn’t like your hand

From the moment you boot up Escape From Tarkov, you’re plunged into a world that is by no means welcoming to new players. There are no mini maps, no waymarks, no arrows and no navigation aids. You aren’t told anything about the maps, you don’t know where your exits are, and you don’t really know where your quest objectives are. It’s one of the steepest learning curves in the gaming world.

It requires countless key bindings

If you’re new to PC gaming, you’ve unfortunately picked a bad game to start with. Due to the mechanical complexity of Escape From Tarkov, it is necessary to use almost the entire keyboard to play the game at its most basic level. Escape From Tarkov is a game that will push your keyboard skills to the limit, from checking your weapon to leaning and using healing hotkeys to adjust your posture.

It’s almost Milsim

This means Escape From Tarkov offers hyper-realistic mechanics, from gun and bullet physics to healing mechanics. If you get shot in the legs you will be slower, if you have a shot take out your stomach, your food and water levels will deplete faster. If you use bad ammo, you will be ineffective in battle, if you don’t have the right attitude in battle, you will miss shots – these are the things that make Escape From Tarkov so difficult.

There are fierce opponents of artificial intelligence

At the most basic level, the game’s AI opponents aren’t very threatening, but they can get lucky. There are “scaves” all over the world of Tarkov, and they’re mostly local gigs with rusty, old guns – but they can still wing it with a well-placed bullet. Outside of these basic enemies, there are very hard-to-kill boss characters that roam almost every map, and they can literally tap you from a few hundred meters away, ending your run in no time.

If you can’t control it, you can’t grow

Escape From Tarkov has many features and elements to master in order to keep the player in control, from the in-game inventory and health management system and challenging missions to the hideout that needs to be upgraded over time. as efficiently as possible in the game. They are scary for a newcomer, because again, it is also not possible to learn everything without special help in the form of a more experienced player. If you die over and over again, you’re not only burning your gear, you’re also never growing as a player.

Does that answer your question?

So we hope that answers the question “why is Escape From Tarkov so hard” and we hope it gives you an idea of ​​what makes this pick up particularly challenging.

Let’s not get too morbid about it though – Escape From Tarkov is a fantastically entertaining game (when it’s not plagued by scammers). It can be extremely satisfying to finish a raid with lots of loot and kills, and when playing with friends it can become a tactical nightmare.

Once you get stuck in and learn the ropes, you’ll find that the game becomes a lot more fun. Don’t approach Tarkov with that in mind free game Battle Royalehowever. It’s a pitfall that many uninformed players fall into.

It’s a world away from Battle Royale, and it’s infinitely tougher.

Escape From Tarkov is available exclusively on PC platforms and can only be purchased EscapeFromTarkov.com.

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