VGC is partnering with Stak for a weekly video game news podcast

VGC is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new video game news podcast with award-winning podcast company Staki.

VGC: A Video Games Podcast episodes will be available weekly starting this Thursday, February 23, and will be hosted by VGC’s Jordan Middler, Chris Scullion and Andy Robinson, along with broadcaster Pete Donaldson. There are regular special guests from the gaming industry.

Founded in 2018, Stak produces some of the UK’s biggest shows, including Football Ramble, Jack Maate’s Happy Hour and Abroad in Japan, and racks up millions of downloads every month around the world.

In 2022, Stak and its programs were nominated for eight awards and won silver for best online and sports podcast at the British Podcast Awards.

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VGC editor Andy Robinson said: “Expanding our reporting into the podcast space is long overdue and we couldn’t ask for a much better partner than Stak – a company behind some huge shows and one that I’m personally a huge fan of.

“We’re going to deliver one of the most insightful video game news shows, with weekly exclusives and insights from the VGC team and gaming industry experts. There’s likely to be more than a few entertaining anecdotes about what it’s like in the gaming industry.”

Stack’s Pete Donaldson added: “We’ve been looking for an opportunity to work on a real adult video game program for some time – and VGC is the best in the business. I can’t wait to start on Thursday!”

You can subscribe to VGC: Video Games Podcast now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.