Ubisoft says it will attend E3 2023 ‘if it happens’

Ubisoft has confirmed that it plans to attend a revamped E3 show in Los Angeles this year, if it happens.

The company’s CEO spoke on Thursday during the earnings call Yves Guillemotsaid: “If E3 happens, we’ll be there and have a lot to see.”

It’s not clear why Guillemot alluded to the apparent uncertainty at this year’s E3 event.

Details on E3’s revamped 2023 formatwhere separate business and consumer events will be organized for four days in June, was revealed at the end of last year.

And just last month, new E3 organizer ReedPop told VGC that it had received “tremendous interest” from many of the “biggest companies in the industry” and was confident the line-up would be worth the trip.

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VGC has reached out to Ubisoft for comment and will update this story when we hear back.

The Assassin’s Creed The publisher’s commitment to supporting E3 comes according to the following reports Sony and Nintendo are not participating this year’s event. Historically, Ubisoft has been a staunch supporter of E3 and hasn’t missed a show in the last 20 years.

There has also been uncertainty around Microsoftevent plans.

Microsoft has some sort of presence in Los Angeles this year the already announced summer showcase. However, along BIRTH, The Xbox company does not have a showroom at the Los Angeles Convention Center itself.

The same publication claimed that the Xbox parent company could work with the E3 organizer to hold a separate event outside of LACC before the event, which matches what VGC has heard from our own sources.

E3 2023 will officially run from Tuesday, June 13 to Friday, June 16, according to organizer ReedPop. took over the management of the industry’s flagship event from Entertainment Software Association.

Ubisoft says it will attend E3 2023

In the revamped format, the first two days of E3 2023 (June 13-14) are reserved exclusively for businesses. The third day (June 15) welcomes both corporate and consumer guests, while the final day (June 16) is dedicated to consumers.

In addition to organizing high-profile events in the US and Europe, ReedPop owns the Gamer Network, which runs websites such as Eurogamer, GamesIndustry.biz, VG247, and Rock Paper Shotgun, and is an online partner of the VGC.

Days before the return of the revamped E3, Summer Game Festa digital showcase directed by the editor Geoff Keighley, organize a live performance in the YouTube Theater at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California.