The Super Mario Bros Movie’s final trailer is here

The final trailer for the Super Mario Bros Movie has been released.

The trailer was shown during the special event Nintendo Direct today, which focused specifically on film.

The new footage shows more footage from the Rainbow Road segment as well as Luma from Super Mario Galaxy.

It also shows Donkey Kong getting a fire flower and getting his powers.

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After the trailer was revealed, co-director Michael Jelenic spoke more about the Rainbow Road installment, saying, “We brought in artists who specialize in vehicle design and worked closely with the team Nintendo to create new microcars that felt organic to the jungle realm, yet inspired by the iconic game design.”

He added, “We improved our lighting and rendering technology to elevate this film beyond anything Illumination has ever done.”

Nintendo and Illumination premiered the first trailer for the movie The Super Mario Bros. Movie in October, when Mario fans will get their first chance to hear Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario.

This followed another trailer in November, which debuted the voices of Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Luigi (Charlie Day) for the first time. It also showed a Mario Kart inspired racing scene.

Recently, a Super Bowl ad for the film was featured a new performance of the theme music Super Mario Bros. From the Super Show.

The 1989 Saturday morning cartoon was well-loved for its intro theme, a rap about the Mario Bros. and their plumbing.

Originally will be released on the 7th. of April The Super Mario Bros movie release date has now been rescheduled for April 5 “in the US and over 60 markets around the world”, including the UK.