The next free Epic Games Store title has been revealed

Next free Epic Games Store the title has been announced.

The strategy tycoon game Rise of Industry is freely redeemable Epic‘s PC tori 2.-9. March.

It replaces the existing sci-fi game Duskers free to download until March 2.

“In Duskers, you pilot drones into derelict spaceships to find ways to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard,” says game developer and publisher Misfits Attic.

“Cinematically, it’s The Road meets the first Alien movie. In game terms: It’s a roguelike with elements of dungeon crawling and real-time strategy, but in a survival horror setting that focuses on cheating and adapting to survive.

Duskers was well received by critics when it was released in 2016, earning a score of 83 on review aggregator Metacritic.

The next free Epic Games Store game has been announced
Duskers is now free to claim on the Epic Games Store until March 2nd

Earlier today, the next wave of “free” titles set to offer Amazon Prime Gaming members confirmed.

Prime Gaming, part of the Amazon Prime subscription, offers members new PC titles to keep and exclusive in-game content every month.

In March, players can claim new games every Thursday. They include Baldur’s Gate: Improved Edition, Adios, I am Fish, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape, Book of Demons, Peaky Blinders: Mastermind and City Legends: Trapping in Mirror – Collector’s Edition.