The Film Studio Tycoon Trailer Announces Release Date

Moviehouse – movie studio Tycoon, Odyssey Studios’ filmmaking sim, has finally arrived at a concrete release date. It will be released on PC on April 5th.

Spanning from the 1980s to the present, this title requires players to start their filmmaking journey with a humble crew and simple equipment. Tools and staff also grow as players progress up the ladder, which can help these aspiring instructors win prizes. The launch day trailer gives a quick glimpse of these management mechanics and what players might need to do to get to the top.

Odyssey also quotes 2005 Movies as an inspiration, which was released by Lionhead Studios just after Fable and Black and white 2.

“Set in the 80s and stretching through the decades to the present day, players start from a small but passionate film crew with rudimentary equipment with one goal: grow the studio into one of the best in the industry and keep it that way for years to come,” says the official description. “With entertainment in mind, choose from dozens from different and popular film genres and the plot is a complete, award-winning story Inspired by the cult classic Movies Peter Molyneux, strike the perfect balance between arthouse and Hollywood pop culture to create a true blockbuster cult classic that will leave critics begging for more.”

Other game features include:

  • It’s Showbiz, Baby!: Compete in the glamorous Industry Awards show, compete for multiple titles, including Best Feature Film, and set your sights on winning the coveted golden clapper.
  • Tides of Change: Over the decades, both your team and your equipment will improve. Starting with a small cast of amateur actors and rudimentary equipment, the studio and everyone in it matures and hones their skills, while new updates in technology and filming techniques allow for better filmmaking!
  • Assemble a Dream Team: Hire directors and screenwriters and develop their creative skills and nurture their creative talent. A good crew in itself can turn casual viewers into die-hard fans!
  • Hit the Festival Circuit – Showcase your film at film festivals to gain popularity, accolades and garner critical success
  • An Eye for Filmmaking – Make a spy movie, a romantic comedy, a bloody slasher or something else entirely. You have the filmmaking tools at your fingertips, so it’s all up to you!

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