The Coalition is hiring for the next Gears of War game

Coalition working on the following Gears of War game according to the new job announcement.

The ad posted on Tuesday is specifically titled “Senior Game Designer – Gears of War – The Coalition,” leaving applicants wondering what project they’ll be working on.

It reads: “The coalition is a Microsoft First-party development studio in Vancouver, Canada. We are the official home of the Gears of War franchise, and our goal is to create the future of the IP and push the boundaries of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices.

“Our team is comprised of deep creative and technical talent from our industry and beyond, working in unison to delight our fan base and exceed the expectations of the possible.”

While it’s not clear from the ad if it’s the actual Gears of War 6 or a remastered collection of previous games, the job description seems to point to the new title as it specifies that The Coalition is looking for candidates who can create new game features.

“We are looking for applicants who have experience with characters, camera and Controls (3 Cs) or artificial intelligence (AI) systems,” it reads. “You have experience owning large-scale properties and driving them from initial idea to polish and finishing.”

The job listing gives more weight to the claims made last month A giant bomb reporter Jeff Grubb for The Coalition had reportedly shifted his full attention to Gears 6 After two other games in development at the studio were cancelled.

Since Microsoft acquired the Gears of War IP in 2014, it has released two main series releases – 2016’s Gears of War 4 and 2019’s Gears 5both developed by The Coalition – along with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the turn-based tactics spin-off Gears tactics.

The coalition said in May 2021 that it was is preparing to move on to next generation development uses Unreal Engine 5, but has no plans to announce any new games in the near future.

Netflix announced in November 2022 that it plans to publish Several Gears of War projectsincluding a live action film followed by an adult animated series.