Tekken 8’s Paul Phoenix Trailer Shows the Iconic Brute & His New Hairstyle

Paul Phoenix has been in every one I do game, so his appearance Tekken 8 not surprising, especially since he’s been in previous trailers. However, Bandai Namco has released one specifically focused on the American brawler, showcasing his new moves and hairstyle.

While Paul’s long hair has been an iconic part of his looks in the past, he has also previously kept his hair down Tekken 4, albeit in a slightly different way. CEO Katsuhiro Harada explained this new look IGN when The game’s story trailer was released in December 2022. He said the team wanted to do well Tekken 8 felt like a new title and tried to strike the right balance between old and new with its character design. Harada also made it clear that players will still be able to equip Paul’s signature long hairstyle in the customization options.

However, this new trailer has him using all kinds of new and familiar moves. Some use a heating system that Harada recently broke down with game director Kohei Ikedawhile others have been in others I do games as has happened with another character trailers. Paul can also be seen punching through a brick wall that is somehow in a battle arena, riding his motorcycle, and bending so hard that his sleeve tears.

This latest footage doesn’t yet reveal when Tekken 8 might release, as Bandai Namco has yet to announce a more official release window.

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