Tekken 8’s Marshall Law Trailer Has Nunchucks & Speedy Combos

Bandai Namco has been in progress through popular I do fighters from their character-specific trailers, and the latest one is no different. This is the latest Tekken 8 the trailer is about Marshall Law, the series’ Bruce Lee-type fighter.

The footage pits Law (not to be confused with his son, Forest Law) against Paul Phoenix, his longtime friend who was also the subject of the last trailer. It shows off his speed and the nunchucks he’s used in several other games. Like the other trailers, these moves showcase a mix of new and old attacks, some of which utilize the game’s new Heat system. Law has been in previous trailers as well, but this is the first to focus solely on him.

There is no release date attached to this latest trailer, as Bandai Namco has yet to announce when the fighting game will be released.

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