Suicide Squad is highly unlikely to drop its live service elements, it’s claimed

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueIt is highly unlikely that elements of the live service will be abandoned, it is claimed.

Last week a Bloomberg the source claimed Warner is determined to chase the title from the announced May release date to the second half of 2023.

After a report by Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb said a reliable source told him the game may not arrive until 2024.

While Warner has yet to comment on the delay reports, the reporter who originally broke the story has now suggested that the extra development time will be used to polish Suicide Squad instead of tweaking elements of its live service, which drew criticism after the game was unveiled. last month.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League official co-op game

Rocksteady has yet to announce a Suicide Squad delay, perhaps because there’s still no new date, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier tweeted on Thursday. “Staff were told a few weeks ago that it would be later this year but they still don’t know when. Possibly it will slide to 2024, but one thing seems certain: the core game will not change.”

A 15-minute performance during a Game drive The February live broadcast confirmed this Suicide Squad has a battle passwhich according to Rocksteady would only contain cosmetic products.

Internet connection also required to play Suicide Squad alone or through online collaboration. “There’s a precedent for games waiving this requirement, although I think it can be tricky,” Schreier commented.

The expected delay of Suicide Squad and the reaction to its recent unveiling was one of the topics discussed in the latest VGC podcastwhich was published on Thursday.

“It’s interesting because some of the people I’ve talked to who work on this game have really had a lot of positive things to say about it, especially compared to Gotham Knights“, said VGC editor Andy Robinson.

“I’ve been told that this isn’t going to be another Gotham Knights, that everyone working on it is actually pretty optimistic about the combat loops they’re doing and the game world and stuff.”

Suicide Squad is highly unlikely to ditch its live-action elements

He added: “So from what I’ve heard, I’d be kind of surprised if they actually rebuild it in any significant way because it sounds pretty positive.”

Suicide Squad was originally supposed to be released in 2022, but last May the release of the game was postponed to spring 2023. And in December, Warner announced his plans The game will be released on the 26th. May.