Sony’s Jim Ryan Just Wants To Block Microsoft Activision Purchase

Sony’s Jim Ryan doesn’t care about the deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles. Instead, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO is focused solely on blocking Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard.

According to Activision Blizzard VP and CCO Lulu Cheng Meservey, Ryan made his position abundantly clear when he spoke behind closed doors in Brussels, Belgium in February.

“I don’t want another Call of Duty contract,” Ryan said According to Cheng Meservey. “I just want to prevent your reunion.”

Cheng Meservey also says that Microsoft’s 10-year deal with Sony includes “much better terms than Sony could ever get from us. [Activision Blizzard].”

His posts came in response to Sony’s claims that the company is concerned about the version of Call of Duty being released for PlayStation systems, where “bugs and errors are appearing”. Sony stated that it believes such tactics could lead to consumers losing “confidence in PlayStation as a place to play Call of Duty.”

It was recently reported that Microsoft’s explanations and deals with companies like Nintendo and Nvidia are likely to satisfy the European Commission worried about the merger. If the Commission were to give approval, it would remove a major obstacle to the deal.

It was also revealed that Sony is required share exclusive agreement contracts with Microsoft for the past four years.

What do you think of Sony’s Jim Ryan’s actions and comments?

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