Sons of the Forest Update: 100 Fixes and New Features Arrive

Some time ago, it was revealed that Sons of the Forest will be released in an early state only on PC, and developer Endnight is looking to avoid any premature delays. However, as a caveat, Endnight explained that the community should provide feedback on bugs that were supposed to exist, and the team is ready to address them as soon as they appear.

According to the transparent release schedule on the game’s top page, Endnight has released the first major update for Sons of the Forest. Based on community feedback, this update is significant and a sign of things to come.

Sons of the Forest has already proven to be a very popular game, but things just keep getting better.

Sons of the Forest update is Significant

Sons of the Forest looks beautiful – and is still being worked on

There were some concerns in the community when Sons of the Forest was turned out to be an early access game, if only because bugs and performance issues are more or less inevitable. However, within the first 24 hours of the game’s release on Steam, Endnight recorded over two million sales.

It’s safe to say that the community’s fears were firmly put to one side.

And for good reason – Sons of the Forest is a beautiful and terrifying expansion on the first game, offering a huge map, changing seasons, deeply diverse building mechanics and exciting combat possibilities.

Now, the first Sons of the Forest update has dropped, and it’s a significant one. The update includes over a hundred major fixes and improvements, as well as a wide range of balancing changes and two dozen new features. Endnight promised that over time the game would expand with regular updates, and the team certainly didn’t lie.

Here’s a breakdown of the main features of the first Sons of the Forest update.

New features

  • Added hang gliding
  • Added binoculars
  • Added a mid-game boss fight in the Food Bunker
  • Door locks added
  • Added story elements
  • Added death animation variations for cannibals
  • Lookout towers were added to cannibal villages
  • Added a new structure type

Balancing changes

  • Added cooling for sleeping
  • Tuned fire clearance rate
  • An energy drink provides less hydration and energy
  • Hard enemy health setting reduced to 1.25x
  • Kelvin stops catching fish after a certain time
  • Halved shotgun damage
  • ‘creepies’ health is increased according to the number of players present

The full list of game fixes in the first Sons of the Forest update is free Browse the Steam changelog.

Right now it looks like the next big update will drop on March 23rd.

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