Sons of The Forest – How to Find and Collect Water

In Sons of the forest, finding and collecting water is one of the most important survival skills you need to survive. Here’s how to find and collect water in Sons of The Forest.

Loot Drinks at the start

When you start out in Sons of the Forest, you want to make the survival process as easy as possible. When you start, look for suitcases scattered in the immediate vicinity and search them for potions. These potions are the easiest way to survive before heading out into the woods to find a more reliable water source.

Eat St. John’s wort berries in emergencies

As you search for water, you may find that your already looted potions run out pretty quickly. In this case, eat St. John’s wort and Berries to replenish your thirst meter. Blueberries, salmon and blackberries are the most common berries, but the best thing is to find and eat yarrow. Yarrow are white flowers that are commonly scattered around the map, and eating them restores your thirst better than eating berries.

How to find water in Sons of the Forrest

Finding water is pretty self-explanatory, but you need to find a river. Drinking from the sea is prohibited, so only drink from fresh water sources. If you want to drink from the river, remove everything you have by pressing the “G” key and crouch down by the river. From there you can interact and use your hands to drink from the river.

Of course, this isn’t the ideal way to replenish your thirst all the time, but it’s useful in an emergency. To survive much longer in Sons of The Forest, you need to collect water.

How to collect water in Sons of the Forest

Collecting water is quite simple and you can do it in two ways. The first way is to use the Water Collector, which is made of turtle shell. To find a turtle shell in Sons of The Forest, you must first head to the ocean (remember, don’t drink the ocean water) and find yourself a turtle. Small turtles are fine, but if you want a larger amount of water, it’s best to find and kill the bigger ones.

After killing the turtle, collect its shell and place it on the ground. We recommend that you place enough shells near your base to start so that you have a large supply of water if needed. When it rains in Sons of The Forest, the shells fill up with water and are a good source of water whenever you need to reset your thirst meter.

Another method, which is much better and a bit more complicated, is to create a water bottle. To create the bottle, you need to find a 3D printer located near the crash site – You can read our guide here on how to find a 3D printer. Once you find a 3D printer, you need 100 resins to print a water bottle.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to collect all the resin you need, so you’ll need to loot as many chests and ground drops as possible to get them. However, once you’ve printed a water bottle, you can carry water with you in Sons of The Forest.

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