Sega is the latest Japanese company to raise employees’ salaries

Sega is the latest Japanese company to announce plans to raise wages for its workers.

Effective July 1, 2023, published by Sonic said it increases the average monthly salary of current employees by about 30%.

This is achieved by “increasing the base salary and increasing the ratio of base salary to annual salary by including part of the bonuses”.

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According to Sega, based on the annual salary, the average increase rate would be around 15 percent in the entire company.

The starting salary for university graduates will increase by 35% from ¥222,000 ($1,632) to ¥300,000 ($2,225) due to the revision.

Sega said it was revising its reward system “to further stabilize employee incomes and create a more comfortable work environment, as well as to further strengthen its global competitiveness.”

The move came after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida reportedly required Japanese companies to pay workers more as inflation gripped the economy.

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced its plans raises the basic wages of its employees in Japan by 10 percent.

And last April Resident Evil Creator Capcom raised basic wages in Japan by 30 percent.