Sea of Thieves Season Nine: Rare Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Sea of ​​Thieves first dropped in 2018, launching exclusively on Xbox and PC platforms, and has since grown exponentially. Now, to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, Rare is preparing to release the ninth season of Sea of ​​Thieves together with a full-length documentary called “Voyage of a Lifetime”.

For the most part, Sea of ​​Thieves offers a unique experience by combining a unique, charming art style with a vast, open sandbox environment that players can explore with friends at their own pace. It features exciting, ocean-based battles, a long selection of quests and missions to complete, and more cosmetics than you can shake a sword at.

As for the ninth season of Sea of ​​Thieves?

In the long run six minute breakdownseason nine was revealed in its entirety, and Rare offered an exploration of everything that’s to come in the season.

There is an all-new type of chest called “Chest of Fortune”, which is a rarer, harder-to-obtain collectible that allows the player to unlock exclusive and attractive cosmetics for their ship. Reaper and Reaper’s Bounty chests have also received an update in Season 9, making them even more challenging to pin down.

Most of the game’s world events have been reviewed and tweaked, and in Season 9 they feature a dynamic difficulty level that adapts to the size of the player’s party. In terms of the world itself, shipwrecks and both Kraken and Megalodon encounters are more common, and the weather mechanics are much more versatile.

As you can imagine, the ninth season of Sea of ​​Thieves will bring all-new adventures, with never-before-seen voyages dropping with the new update. A downloaded season ticket is also coming.

Not only that, but many quality of life improvements have been made. There’s a bunch of brand new emotes, costumes, and cosmetics, and there’s more loot to be had in season nine.

Are you excited for the Sea of ​​Thieves season nine update or the Voyage of a Lifetime documentary?

The free downloadable update will be released on the 16th. March.

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