Resident Evil 4 Remake Trailer Teases Krauser Fight, Reveals Upcoming Demo

Details here Resident Evil 4 remake has been flows out and show more about how Capcom has adapted this important part of the horror franchise. Latest trailer PlayStation game situation gave an even more extensive look at the latter half of the game, including the climactic Krauser knife fight, which has been completely redone.

The trailer mostly focuses on parts from the castle forward, giving players a peek at a section with catapults, two El Gigante battles, a minecart ride, a Garrador, and a base attack at the very end. Some of these sections are also marked with Luis, which means his fate may be a little different this time around. There’s even a small flash in Ashley’s compartment that shows she’s being stalked by an infected suit of armor.

The Krauser knife fight is probably one of the biggest changes as it’s no longer a quick event filled scene, but more of an actual boss fight this time around. It seems to utilize the remake’s new parry system. Capcom had previously mentioned this change Game Informer interview, said the Krauser fight had “more action this time”. In the same interview, it was also stated that the game has “almost” no instant events.

Mercenaries, a wave-based survival mode that’s been in multiple entries, is also making a comeback, only teased a bit at the end with a voiceover from the iconic merchant. Although not in the trailer, Capcom confirmed PlayStation blog that The Mercenaries would be free post-launch DLC. The company also announced earlier this week that its VR mode for PS VR2 will also come as free post-launch DLC and has just begun development.

The trailer concluded by saying that a special demo will be available soon. However, no more detailed information was given.

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