PlayStation Call Of Duty Deal Ends “Next Year”

Sony’s long-standing deal with Activision, which saw heavy PlayStation marketing and new Call of Duty content released on its platforms first, is coming to an end.

during an interview with CNBC Microsoft President Brad Smith said Tuesday from Brussels that Sony’s current deal with Activision Blizzard “expires next year.”

As it stands, it means that Call of Duty 2024 – codenamed Cerberus – is the last of the contract. That leaves PlayStation with two more Call of Duty games to release on the console if a deal isn’t reached.

Speaking about the deal, Smith said during the interview that the 10-year deal it offered Sony – bringing the deal to a total of 12 years – is better than what Sony currently has.

“I think anyone who’s looked at this would say it’s a better deal for Sony than what they currently have with Activision Blizzard,” Smith said.

At a conference held in Brussels on Tuesday, Smith announced that Microsoft reached an agreement with Nvidia to bring Xbox PC games Nvidia GeForce now. That would include Activision Blizzard games like Call of Duty, Diablo IV and others if the $69 billion acquisition is approved.

The company had previously announced a 10-year tenure deal with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo Switch and future consoles.

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