Panic announces a Playdate price rise as the handheld gets its own digital store

Panic has announced plans to raise the price of its Playdate handheld console starting next month.

Starting April 7, the price of Playdate will increase by $20 to $199 due to increased production costs, the company said Tuesday.

“This $20 delta is largely due to our factory recently giving us the inescapable news that in 2023 the cost of building one Playdate will increase,” said Panic co-founder Cabel Sasser.

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The price increase was announced along with the news that Panic has today launched a Playdate digital store called ‘Catalog’.

It comes with 16 Playdate games and apps, including 11 brand new games listed below and featured in the video above.

Two of the games, recommended dog!! and Reel Steel, are free for all Playdate owners as a bonus Playdate season one.

Catalog opening games

  • 0.99¢ Joke (kamibox) – $1
  • Bloom (RNG Party) – $10
  • Carve Jr. (Chuhai Labs) – $8
  • Direct Drive (DAC Vector) – $15
  • Down the Oubliette (Rebecca König) – $5
  • Eyeland (Ron Lent) – $2
  • Grand Tour Legends (Iorama) – $6
  • Hidey Spot (Panic) – $6
  • Playmaker (Dustin Mierau) – $15
  • Recommended dog!! (Sweet Baby) – Free
  • Reel Steal (Sweet Baby) – Free
  • Skew – The Last Worker Spinoff (Oiffy) – $6
  • Change Mactug (NaOH & Zion D. Hill) – $5
  • Tapeworm Disco Puzzle (Lowtek Games) – $9
  • Botanist (Cadin Batrack) – $9
  • Word Trip (Shaun Inman, Matthew Grimm and Charlie Davis) – $6