New World Pivots to Seasonal Model From March 28th

Amazon’s MMORPG, New World, will switch to a season-based action model starting March 28, the game’s update confirmed today. Starting at the end of next month, players will get “more content” in the New World, and with each new season comes (of course) brand new Season Passes.

There’s a split between the tickets, which Amazon has called “reward tracks,” one of which is free, while the other is a paid premium pass. With 100 levels of loot, emotes and cosmetics to unlock, season passes are plentiful, but this is just the latest in a long line of games to introduce this structure, so it’s nothing new.

New world, old model

The first season of the new world is called “Fellowship and Fire” and will introduce a brand new quest, along with a new ability, gear storage mechanic, revamped quest lines, and mid-season events. .

In one piece, this is why Amazon has decided to move to a seasonal model with New World:

Going forward, our plan is to update New World at a predictable 3-month pace. During the seasons, we will introduce more content and experiences for all players to enjoy.

For those who want to enjoy a more rewarding experience, the premium season pass costs 20,000 “Marks of Fortune” from the in-game season shop. It might seem silly to climb through 100 season passes, so Amazon has conveniently decided to include boost tokens to help players level up faster.

As the season progresses, Amazon will introduce three exclusive, timed events. The first is “Rabbit’s Revenge”, then later “Springtime Bloom” and finally “Fury of the Spriggan”. Expect these events to drop once a month, filling the season more strategically.

Finally, Amazon confirmed it There are unique challenges ahead dropping with each new season, as well as an “activity stamp card” that allows players to collect milestones based on certain predetermined activities.

Are you still playing New World or are you not interested in this update at all?

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