New LEGO Racing Game Called ‘LEGO 2K Drive’, It’s Claimed

New rumor XboxEra’s Frequent_Nick has suggested that a new LEGO Racing game called “LEGO 2K Drive” is in development.

The rumor follows the producer job listing to Visual Concepts, which was released last year and stated that the studio is working on an “open-world racing game under a major license.”

Shortly after posting the job advertisement, VGC said that LEGO is teaming up with 2K to develop a new LEGO sports game series. According to the report, the racing game should be released later this year.

While Insider Gaming was unable to confirm the name, it is clear that a LEGO racing game is currently being tested.

The VGC report also stated that Lego does not intend to renew the terms of its exclusivity agreement with TT Games. This news apparently confirmed NintendoLife Recently there were two projects between LEGO Disney and Guardians of the Galaxy Several canceled at TT Games.

Although not officially confirmed, it is believed that the reason for the cancellation of such projects was in part reports of a widespread crisis at TT Games. According to reports, TT Games’ struggle with crunch culture began well before the development of The Skywalker Saga, but the game was the tipping point for employees to speak out.

Excited to play LEGO 2K Drive?

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