MultiVersus Has Lost 99% of Active Players Since Launch

Over the past few days, it has been noted that the share of the MultiVersus community playing the game on Steam has dropped by over 99% since the game was released just seven months ago. Currently, less than 1,000 top players are saved to Steam daily, which could be a representative example of the game’s performance on other platforms.

According to SteamCharts.com, the all-time record for MultiVersus is 153,044 players, the number recorded when the game was first released. In January, the game had just 230 active players at one point, a drop of 99.8 percent.

Is MultiVersus already dead?

MultiVersus had a lot of potential that could have seen an infinite number of crossovers as the game’s lifecycle unfolded before our eyes. But from November 15 only one a new character has been released for the game, and Season Three, which was supposed to be released two days ago and would likely bring more new characters, has been pushed back to March 31st.

From the moment MultiVersus was launched, it appeared to be unlucky. Despite Warner Bros. confirmed that more than 20 million downloads were recorded upon release, and players were quick to criticize Smash Bros. a clone specifically targeted at the paywall that stood firm in the face of several top tier character skins. Even progressing through a standard battle pass is a dangerously long grind that most players haven’t learned to appreciate.

After the rise of rival games like Brawlhalla, and the backlash from the modding community hitting the DMCA for their efforts, it looks like MultiVersus is well and truly on the ropes.

By VideoGamesChronicle.comone of the earliest news providers, TrueAchievements, has confirmed that Xbox platforms have seen a roughly 96 percent drop in players.

With a dramatically reduced player base, community backlash, delayed updates, and a lack of new characters, there seems to be no going back for MultiVersus.

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