Midnight Suns’ Venom Trailer Unveils Redemption Arc & DLC Release Date, Free Trial on PC

Deadpool just came The midnight suns, but its other character, Venom, is just around the corner. Firaxis Games released a trailer for the symbiote, revealing an overview of his story and that he will be joining the team on February 23rd.

The Redemption The DLC is aptly named as it sees Venom join the good guys after being one of the villains in the main campaign. It shows Eddie Brock struggling with what he did during Lilith’s spell while teasing Mephisto.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the gameplay, but it hints at a few new mechanics. Venom has a “Ravenous” meter which likely gives him some unique abilities. On one of his cards, he also teamed up with another character on the team. His expansion also brings Whisper Web to the monastery. And while it wasn’t explained, it was displayed next to a bunch of computer monitors. More will inevitably be revealed in some sort of stream or character breakdown.

Venom will likely cost $14.99 separately or as part of the game’s $49.99 season pass. Morbius and Storm are the next two heroes to be released in the same order during 2023. Firaxis still hasn’t specified when they’ll start dropping, but with this cadence it’s possible the team will drop one every month.

This trailer debuts alongside another free trial. The You can try the game for free on Steam On PC from now until February 19th at 10am PT. A trial version for PlayStation 5 version was introduced in January to coincide with the release of Deadpool.

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