Microsoft will defend its Activision Blizzard deal at an EU hearing next week

Microsoft provide reasons why it is proposing the acquisition Activision Blizzard should be approved at the European Commission’s hearing on February 21.

The oral hearing, which is not public, gives Microsoft an opportunity to address the issue it received a notice of objection from the EU last week Warning of potential anti-competitive effects of $69 billion deal.

Spokesperson for the matter Xbox manufacturer Microsoft confirmed the hearing date Reuters on Tuesday.

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The EU Hearing Officer will decide whether complainants and interested third parties will be invited to an oral hearing.

By FOSS patentsA courtroom-style showdown between Microsoft and Sony is likely to take place at the hearing.

In response to the EU’s statement of objections, Microsoft said last week Politico it was committed to “finding a way forward” for the deal.

“We are listening carefully to the European Commission’s concerns and are confident we can address them,” the spokesman said.

What would be The biggest deal ever in the gaming industry has faced stiff opposition from PlayStation maker Sony and concerns European, US and Great Britain regulators.

Although the EU’s statement of objections has not been made public, regulators have expressed concern that a takeover could be possible will significantly weaken PlayStation’s ability to compete as Microsoft would gain ownership of the Call of Duty franchise, which Sony has called it “irreplaceable”.

Microsoft recently announced a solution to these concerns offered Sony a 10-year legally enforceable contract to make every new Call of Duty game available on PlayStation the same day it comes on Xbox.

Microsoft will defend its Activision Blizzard deal at an EU hearing next week

Sony Interactive Entertainment managing director Jim Ryan is said to be meeting with the EU’s cartel boss Margrethe Vestager last month to discuss the company’s concerns about Microsoft’s plans.

Soon after that, Microsoft accused Sony of misleading the EU regulator beyond its commitment to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation if the acquisition is approved.