Microsoft Trademarks ‘Ender Dragon’ For Video Games, Toys, And More

A new trademark application is in progress Justia has revealed that Microsoft has recently applied to trademark “Ender Dragon” for computer games. In addition to video games, other trademarks apply to toys, books and clothes, for example.

Several people online have suggested that the trademark could be related to the canceled Scalebound series, but the Ender Dragon is Minecraft’s “end-game” boss. The filing could indicate that Mojang is planning some kind of spinoff or standalone game for the series, similar to Minecraft Legends.

Unfortunately, the filing reveals nothing more than the intended name, speculation is always fun.

The Ender Dragon is the largest naturally spawning mob in Minecraft and is the guardian of the original endgame gates. Defeating the Ender Dragon unlocks an exit portal – where players can exit the ending and return to the overworld, while gaining access to the game’s end credits.

In 2011, the creator of Minecraft Notch said that in the end: “They’re different dragons. The Ender Dragon will probably be bigger, and the dragons in the main world are this size, don’t go off-road, and are red because dragons are red. Unfortunately, nothing came of Notch’s comments, but it would make a great standalone Minecraft-related for a game.

What do you think the Ender Dragon could be?

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