Microsoft expects Call of Duty Mobile to be ‘phased out’ for Warzone Mobile

Microsoft has said he is waiting Call of Duty: Mobile “decommissioned over time”. Warzone Mobile.

Developer TencentIn the Timi studio, the free Call of Duty: Mobile was Published in October 2019 and was over 650 million downloads in May 2022 according to its publisher Activision.

The company said at the time that Call of Duty: Mobile had enjoyed a record year in 2021, with consumers spending “well over” $1 billion, after a spike in downloads to coincide with its launch in China.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Official Season 1: Reawakening Trailer

But according to Microsoft, Activision’s long-term plan is to replace the game with Warzone Mobile, which is slated for release this year.

Officially announced last SeptemberWarzone Mobile is co-developed by Activision’s Shanghai, BeenoxDigital Legends and Solid State studios.

“Cod: mobile it is developed and owned by TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent,” Microsoft said in a recent response to a UK competition authority investigation into its proposed acquisition. Activision Blizzard.

“CoD: Mobile is expected to phase out over time (outside China) with the launch of Warzone Mobile,” it added.

This was reported by the Finnish Competition and Markets Authority Microsoft may have to give up some of Activision Blizzard or Call of Duty if the watchdog approves the $69 billion merger.

But Microsoft is reluctant to entertain such structural fixes given the size of the Call of Duty brand and Activision Blizzard’s mobile expertise.

“The sale would have serious adverse effects on the development of competition, as it would prevent Microsoft from achieving its key strategic goal, which is to build a mobile game business of sufficient scale. to challenge Google and Apple“, Xbox the manufacturer said in its response to the CMA’s preliminary findings.

Microsoft expects Call of Duty Mobile to be disabled in Warzone Mobile

“The sale of the Activision segment would include the sale of CoD: Mobile and CoD Warzone Mobile. Additional sales Blizzard the segment would also include Diablo Immortal (which is available at PC and mobile).

“These are the most important mobile games released by Activision. It is these games, especially Warzone Mobile and Diablo Immortal (not the King games), that would give Microsoft the resources, know-how and talent to develop mobile versions of their own console games.