Lego issues copyright strikes on videos featuring ‘leaked Zelda Lego set’

Lego has reportedly begun issuing copyright strikes to videos covering the alleged leak. Nintendo Zelda Lego set.

Images of the set, which is said to be the result of an internal survey, surfaced online earlier this month, along with several other sets currently in early stages of production.

This included a Lord of the Rings Rivendale set that was only confirmed as a reality days later, adding to the legitimacy of the leaked Zelda images.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Now it seems that Lego itself is issuing copyright warnings on Youtube for any video that has had “Confidential Unreleased New” that refers to the Lego line.

VGC has contacted The Lego Group and will update this story if they respond.

While Lego sets are constantly leaked for retail listings, it’s rare for images of a set so early to appear publicly online like this.

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This still doesn’t confirm that the set will be released in the form seen in the image, as the production process for a Lego set is about two years, but it does suggest that the images are legit and that Lego is finally planning to expand into the Zelda license.

After acquiring the Nintendo license, the company has been producing Lego NES, Lego question block, Lego Bowserand numerous Lego Super Mario sets.

This suggests that there is an opportunity for Nintendo to work on more Nintendo properties, opening up the possibility of sequels from all of Nintendo’s blockbuster movies, with the exception of Pokémonwhose product rights are handled by The Pokemon Company.

Several The Legend of Zelda sets have made it to the final stage of Lego’s Lego Ideas program, where fan-designed sets are turned into retail products, as recently Sonic The Hedgehog Setsbut Lego itself had reportedly always rejected Zelda sets due to legal issues.