Latest NVIDIA Drivers May Have References to CSGO on Source 2

After deploying the latest drivers for NVIDIA GPUs, it has been revealed that there is a hidden reference in the “Game Profiles” code of the update that mentions “CSGOS2” and “CS2”. It is believed that these are indications of the imminent arrival of an update that will move CSGO to Source 2, Valve’s newer game engine.

At face value, “CSGOS2” could literally mean “CSGO Source 2”, but the confusion increased when the term “Counter-strike 2” was added, leading some fans to believe that sequel Was on the way to CSGO.

Fans of the legendary FPS game have been lobbying for the concept of CSGO turning to Source 2 for years, but is it finally coming to fruition?

Still breaking records

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a monumental game that, after more than ten years, is still breaking records. Recently the game broke top player records In Steam, the concurrent user count reaches up to 1,354,248 users. CSGO is arguably the leading name in esports, literally holding the weight of the entire industry on its shoulders.

However, even after a decade, it seems that CSGO is still poised to make huge waves in the gaming community. Hours ago, A comment posted on Reddit (and still being shared on Twitter) suggests that CSGO may be getting some kind of update to Source 2, Valve’s latest game engine that was originally released in 2014 to serve as the big successor to the Source engine.

Other Valve-powered games like Dota 2 run on Source 2, but while CSGO is the company’s flagship multiplayer game, it remains on Source, which is nearly two decades old and a little outdated — though it still does a very good job of retaining players. .

Last year, A Twitter user misses – the author of the aforementioned tweet – initially claimed that their sources had revealed that CSGO would be updated to run on Source 2 in the first quarter of 2023. Since we’re still in that window, it might still prove to be a reliable tip.

However, fans were quick to speculate that if CSGO were to be updated to Source 2, it would not be an immediate transition. Instead, Valve will likely release the updated product as a beta version to gather data and feedback, test the waters, and possibly consider a more polished version for global rollout.

Let’s wait and see if this ten-year-old game gets a serious update in the coming weeks.

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