Konami’s New Trademark May Be Related to Castlevania

Konami has again shown interest in the game space recent Quiet Hill Wake-up. Reports have been swirling around claims that this initiative is also applied Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. This is possibly further supported by the new trademark, which appears to have some connections to the fantastical, vampire-rich franchise.

As pointed out Gematsu, Konami applied for a trademark on March 7 (which was published on March 15) to some so-called Project Zircon. It is apparently a temporary name and nothing else in the trademark refers to any specific title. Also, it may not even be a video game, as it has many descriptions that can be applied to games (such as “game software” and “game program”) and not (such as “money changer” and “ticket machine”). ).

However, zircon is a gemstone that can be found there Castlevania series and is strangely the least valuable. It first appeared in the 1997 series Castlevania: Symphony of the Night As Sparkling Ring and later on PlayStation 2 A plea of ​​innocence and Order of Ecclesia in DS.

It’s a weak link that gets a little stronger with the aforementioned reports. Video Games Chronicle reports in October 2021 that Konami came to life Metal Gear Solid, Castlevaniaand Quiet Hill. After the socket Quiet Hill part of the report turned out to be true, after which it appeared Another report in February noting that Konami is having a big E3 and will likely show a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake and new Castlevania.

Konami also recently responded to the desire for more Castlevania in an interview with IGNwhich came out Dead cells‘ recent Castlevania– focused expansion Back to Castlevania. Tsutomu Taniguchi, Konami’s Back to Castlevania moderator, acknowledged the “excitement and enthusiasm of the fans online” and said it was “really motivating [Konami].”

There has been precedent for seeding crossover DLC into full games for Konami, as Quiet Hill DLC came Dead in daylight in 2020, which preceded Quiet Hill recovery after a few years.

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