Konami Will Be at E3, Possibly With MGS3 Remake & New Castlevania

Konami was said to be reviving its three major franchisesQuiet Hill, Metal equipmentand Castlevania – but it has only officially announced that he would bring back the scariest of the triangle. However, a recent report has now stated that these other two revivals will be making a big splash around E3.

According to a new podcast from Video Games Chronicle (about 11 minutes in), Konami is set to have a significant presence at E3, as the company will likely appear rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake and new Castlevania (and probably at least some of the many Quiet Hill games).

“My understanding is that Konami has a pretty big E3,” said Editor-in-Chief Andy Robinson. “It’s been in the works for a while, but I think this E3 is going to be when you’re going to start seeing more of it. […] I’m pretty sure they have a booth at E3 and will probably have a lot of this stuff at the platform holder’s media event.

He then speculated that it could be anything PlayStation does (which technically wouldn’t be part of E3), given Konami and Sony’s relationship in the past and present. Silent Hill 2 The remake is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console. Robinson also stated that he understood that Castlevania the game is at its furthest and that he is waiting for it Metal Gear Solid 3 remake to be there and did not go into details.

Robinson, who initially reported on franchise revivals in 2021, then addressed another part of the report: Metal Gear Solid remasters. He said that Konami had planned to re-release these older games a few years ago (although it wasn’t clear which ones), but wasn’t sure if that was still the case and understood that there was internal discussion. to the company about how to proceed with it. Robinson also speculates that Metal Gear Solid 3 the remake was intended to serve as a test for these ports.

Konami has not commented on the reports or hinted that big things are coming. However, Quinton Flynn, who is best known for playing Raiden Metal equipment series, recently told the players “Stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks” wink emoji when replying to a message Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance continuation and Metal equipment introduce.

Castlevania DLC is also headed to the beloved roguelite Dead cells on March 6. This repeats Quiet Hill The DLC that came Dead in daylight in 2020, which preceded Quiet Hill recovery after a few years.

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