Is Grand Theft Auto Cross-Platform?

Grand Theft Auto Online is a GTA 5 multiplayer game that was released right after the game dropped in 2013. It quickly became an incredibly popular platform and is Rockstar Games’ biggest cash cow to date. In this guide, we’ll take a look at that multiplayer mode and answer one burning question: is Grand Theft Auto cross-platform?

Is GTA Online Crossplay?

GTA Online (short for Grand Theft Auto Online) is available on all Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms and has millions of players despite being released almost a decade ago. It’s the current thing for the Grand Theft Auto community, and it’s working to ensure that GTA 5 is still popular a decade after its publication.

It’s called “persistent multiplayer,” meaning that when players go offline, their progress, purchases, and any profile customizations are preserved. It’s completely open-ended and offers players the ability to buy assets, lead heists, participate in countless multiplayer mini-games, and generally do anything they can do in GTA 5’s single-player mode, and more.

That’s all well and good – it’s sure to be a great game Rockstar is constantly updating it – But is Grand Theft Auto multipurpose?

Unfortunately not – despite being one of the most popular multiplayer platforms in gaming history, GTA Online has never boasted any platforms or crossplay elements. It doesn’t even have cross-progression, which means you can’t transfer saves and characters between different versions of the game – from PC to PlayStation 5, for example.

This ultimately means that if your friend is playing GTA 5 on Xbox Series X and you’re playing it on PC, you won’t be able to communicate or connect with each other.

Is GTA 6 Crossplay?

Fake images for GTA 6

Suppose that GTA 6 – which suffered of massive leaks in 2022 – includes a fresh, up-to-date version of GTA Online. There is no confirmation on this at the moment, but the community has almost been waiting for it, especially considering that GTA 6 will have a completely new map, engine and mechanics.

Since there is no official confirmation that GTA 6 will include a multiplayer platform, it cannot be said for sure if GTA 6 will be cross-platform. However, it’s safe to assume that it won’t be a cross-platform game due to cross-platform difficulties – namely between the PC and console versions of the game.

Sure, it might boast limited cross-platform features like linking only between Xbox and PlayStation, but PC is a completely different kettle of fish. On PC, the GTA RP community (and modding community) continues to push the game forward and keep it high on social and streaming charts around the world.

So is Grand Theft Auto cross-platform? It’s not now, but it might be in the future.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on all platforms where GTA 5 currently exists.

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