Hogwarts Legacy lockpicking explained: How to open locked doors with Alohomora

Hogwarts Legacy lockpicking is one of the most important skills you should learn to explore the castle. Hogwarts is full of locked doors, many of which hide secret chests, clues, and field guide pages that are 100% necessary for the game.

Although some doors do not require locking and instead come in the form of symbolic doorknobs, others use padlocks that can’t be opened when you start the game if you haven’t reached the right point in the story.

But how about meockpicking in the Hogwarts legacy? How do you get the Alohomora spell? Keep reading to find out.


We’ve updated the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors guide with more information on how to open puzzle doors.

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Hogwarts Legacy Lockpicking Explained: How to Open Doors with Alohomora

Hogwarts Legacy Lockpicking Explained: How to Open Locked Doors with Alohomora

The main spell to use Hogwarts Legacy Lockdown is Alohomora. The spell in the first Harry Potter book opens doors and unlocks padlocks, but unlike the main series, some of the Hogwarts legacy locks can be enchanted with stronger locks.

The quest to unlock Alohomora is available after completing the main story quest “Prepare For Your Seach For The Final Keeper”.

You are asked to find out what Gladwin Moon, the school janitor, wants. After talking to Moon, you will get the quest “The Careker’s Lunar Lament”. This allows you to sneak through the staff tower and recover the Demiguise statues.

During this mission, you will be given the Alohomora spell, which will allow you to open level one locks that are all over the castle. This is a mission that cannot be skipped and is required to progress the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Lockpicking Explained: How to Open Level 2 and 3 Doors with Alohomora

Later doors in the game require you to have the Alohomora 2 and Alohomora 3 spells.

They can be used to open level 2 and 3 doors found throughout the castle, including those used to open the balcony doors outside the headmaster’s office.

To unlock higher level spells you need to collect Demiguise statues and returns them to Gladwin Moon. There are 30 statues around the world.

Hogwarts Legacy Lockpicking Explained: Headmaster’s Corridor Door

Hogwarts heritage has a door that cannot be opened by locking it. This door, which contains one of the three Hogwarts secrets needed for the Hogwarts Secrets challenge, can be found in the Headmaster’s Corridor.

To find this key, go to the principal’s office and exit to the balcony. Run up the stairs to the highest door locked behind the third level lock.

Once you’ve unlocked the right Alohomora, you can open the door and inside you’ll find another special key called the Opening Key.

Go back down to the hallway outside the principal’s office and run to the other end where you’ll see a huge black door. Open it and follow the corridor to the end for a surprise that we won’t spoil here.