EXCLUSIVE – PS5 Pro in Development, Could Release Late 2024

Insider Gaming sources have confirmed that the PS5 Pro is in development and could tentatively launch in late 2024.

Insider Gaming previously reported that a new PlayStation 5 with removable disk drive is scheduled to be released later this year. It is understood that this new model will phase out the current PlayStation 5 in order to reduce production and shipping costs. Despite widespread reports, this is not the PS5 Pro model.

This is “just the beginning of new hardware coming to this generation of PlayStation users,” said one source, speaking of the removable disk drive console.

When it comes to PS5 specs, details are limited. However, a recently published patent by PlayStation architect Mark Cerny (observed @Onion00048) suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working to “speed up” ray tracing in video games.

Just like from PS4 to PS4 Pro, we can generally assume with a fair amount of confidence that the PS5 Pro will have better visuals, performance, and speed. But as for the leaked details, we will have to wait until a later date to release them.

Insider Gaming understands that PlayStation’s next-generation PS6 is unlikely to appear until at least 2028. This would align the current generation console’s release schedule with its predecessors.

In February, industry insider Jeff Grubb said during The mess of the game is what matters podcast that Sony planned to host a new PlayStation Showcase “before E3.” While Insider Gaming can’t confirm this report at this time, we expect that it’s highly likely that a showcase is on the horizon to showcase games including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and talk about its new hardware coming in late 2023.

Whether the PS5 Pro makes sense remains to be seen. The current generation console market is apparently just settling down as a result of the chip shortage, and developers still need to release previous generations to sell more units. However, Sony expects a massive FY23 for console units sold (approx 30.5 million units), so a massive phase-out of old-gen games in spring 2024 is logical.

Think we need this generation of PS5 Pro?

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