Exclusive – 4A Games’ Metro Exodus Sequel is Fully Playable

Insider Gaming sources have revealed that 4A Games’ Metro Exodus sequel is well into development and fully playable.

4A Games has been very transparent in the past when a new Metro game is coming, and Insider Gaming sources suggested that the game is now fully playable. Such details suggest that the game could be revealed later this year, with a tentative release window of 2024 if Metro Exodus’ reveal and release schedule is anything to go by.

In 2020, 4A Games announced a season on its website “It’s no secret that we’ve already started working on the next Metro game. Using everything we’ve learned over the last 15 years, we’ve set our sights even higher – the next game is being built for Gen 9 consoles and PC, where our engine and rendering engine have been completely rebuilt to take advantage of the new power. . , storage and hardware-supported ray tracing that the new consoles offer.”

Details on what the game will include are scarce, but it was said that the game will start the player in a dream sequence where you will then wake up at your action point. Gameplay follows the classic Metro formula of stealth, crafting, resource looting, and more.

The developer also revealed in 2020 that the team is “committed to delivering a great story-driven single-player experience; that’s what the Metro series is built on. As a studio, we want to constantly push ourselves to create bigger and better games, but we also listen to what the fans say and know what’s important to you. We take responsibility for the franchise -company seriously, and we believe you will be excited about our plans for the next chapter.”

Metro Exodus received generally positive reviews, and the game sold 6 million copies as of December 31, 2022, according to results from the Embracer Group.

Are you waiting for the Metro Exodus sequel?

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