Epic is planning more ‘major’ Epic Games Store exclusives

Epic has suggested that players should expect to see more high profile Epic Games Store exclusive in the future.

The number of announced Epic Games Store exclusives may have slowed since then PC in the early days of the marketplace, but it’s still part of the company’s strategy to lure users away Steam.

“We really manage our strategy based on what we found worked really well in previous releases and what didn’t work really well,” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney told PC gamer.

Alan Wake 2 – Announcement Trailer | Game Awards 2021

“There were a handful of big exclusive games that really moved the needle…and the smaller games, especially the games that had a smaller audience and were typically on Steam, we found that a lot of those players weren’t willing to go elsewhere.”

One of the biggest exclusive games on the Epic Games Store was Borderlands 3which “smashed” expectations, according to the marketplace’s general manager Steve Allison.

In addition to Epic funding game development as part of its own publishing label, in addition to third-party exclusive top recommendations which was announced in 2020.

The brand’s upcoming games include e.g Corrective action‘s Alan Wake 2 and new projects from Limbo maker Playdead and The Last Guardian studio Gen Design.

Epic claimed this week that last year there were more than 230 million PC users of the Epic Games Store, which is 36 million more than in 2021.

In 2022, 626 new PC titles were added to the store, so the total number is 1,548.

Gamers spent $355 million on third-party games, up 18% year-over-year, although total spending on all games fell 2% to $820 million.

Epic is planning more
Call of the Sea is currently available to download for free from the Epic Games Store

Epic also announced plans to continue giving away free PC games every week throughout 2023.

Next a free Epic Games Store title was revealed on Thursday. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War replaces Call of the Sea, which is currently free to redeem until March 16th.