EA DICE Joins Ridgeline to Create Single-Player Battlefield

EA DICE ditched any kind of single-player campaign with the release of Battlefield 2042 in 2021, a decision mourned by fans around the world. For years, Battlefield’s single-player campaigns have wowed fans with cinematic experiences like never before, but Battlefield 2042 simply didn’t have it.

According to reports, EA DICE is now fleshing out a new single-player-focused team that will work hand-in-hand with Seattle-based Ridgeline Games to create an entirely new campaign-driven experience for the Battlefield series.

Could this be a return to Battlefield?

A new battlefield campaign is on the horizon

For a while, it looked like EA DICE had really banked on the Battlefield franchise, given the terrible reception Battlefield 2042 received in 2021. No meaningful updates or changes were made for a long time, but now it looks like the game is picking up steam and attracts more players than ever before.

Recently a the development video has been leaked introduces some elements of Battlefield 2042’s fourth season.

It’s now been suggested that EA DICE is looking to bring Battlefield back into the limelight by aiming to create an entirely new single-player experience. However, it does not work on the project alone – like reports GamesIndustry.bizEA DICE will be backing up Ridgeline Games, the Seattle-based studio that was confirmed to be working on a new Battlefield experience last year.

Ripple Effect and Industrial Toys are also working on the Battlefield franchise, all of which are EA-backed studios, so it’s all hands on deck at the moment.

This is a theme that was reflected in a statement from EA DICE CEO Rebecka Coutaz:

Our decision to build our single player team here at DICE is a proactive approach that equips our global teams with the resources they need early on as we look to the next Battlefield experience… Now we can expand the possibilities and benefit from new talents that will help Ridgeline write the next chapter of the series.

Just weeks ago, there was a huge shock at EA when Battlefield Mobile was canceled alongside Apex Legends Mobile. With the streamlining underway, the Battlefield community is eagerly anticipating a fervent focus on producing a game that is pure redemption for the franchise.

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