EA Asks If Fans Are Interested in More Dead Space Remakes

Within one week of the release, the Dead Space remake had shipped two million copies. This was weaker than predicted numbers, but still strong for a re-release, and overall the reception was quite positive.

Now it seems that EA is surveying gamers to see how interested they would be in new versions of Dead Space, especially for the second and third games. The purported survey revealed on Twitter has two key questions that ask just that, and while it’s not a confirmation that the games will appear, it does show EA’s openness to potentially creating them.

Does it make commercial sense?

Reports suggested that January’s Dead Space remake had been significantly successful from a commercial perspective. It didn’t even sell half as many units as it should have because it fell massively short of target and forced development over budget. Nevertheless, it looks like EA is ready to eat the loss and possibly create more Dead Space versions.

Here’s a link to the alleged EA survey:

There were easter eggs hidden in the first Dead Space that basically opened the door for people to believe that a Dead Space 2 remake would be a given, but nothing has been confirmed since then.

In fact, the only development we’ve seen in the Dead Space universe since the game debuted is Isaac Clarke pack in Fortnite.

In the end, it means nothing – even if a remake of Dead Space 2 was coming, it wouldn’t be announced until a month after the first game was released. So far, it looks like EA is content to test the waters with targeted research.

It’s time to watch this space.

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