Dr Disrespect is excited for ‘$100k’ blockchain items in games

A popular streamer Dude “Dr Disrespect” Beam has doubled down on blockchain games and criticized those who have opposed the controversial technology.

Beahm, who is best known for his irreverent personality when he streams games such as Call of Duty: Warzone and PUBGnewly founded developer Midnight Society, which is currently working A PvP shooter called Deaddrop.

The game uses NFTs and players can purchase a Founders Pass – an NFT that gives them a unique skin. On Sunday, Beahm shared his excitement about how he thinks pick-and-roll shooters could take advantage of NFTs, calling critics “brain dead.”

“Imagine trying to ‘unload’ an item you found in a chain worth $100,000. Think of the entertainment value as a viewer let alone a player. A new pvp experience is upon us,” he wrote.

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“The concept of digital collectibles in online games is so exciting to me. Especially a rip-off type of game. The people who say cheat and ‘ugh’ are just brain dead followers of the title. The same people who spend a lot on skins for the annual launch game. Everyone has the same skins too.”

An NFT or “non-fungible token” is a unique non-fungible unit of information that is stored on a digital ledger. This means that images, music, and even in-game items can be sold to a specific owner, which can be verified via blockchain.

Blockchain companies claim that NFTs will revolutionize digital ownership. Numerous gaming companies have attempted their own NFT initiatives, including Konami, Ubisoft and Atari. However, this drew widespread criticism due to the format’s large carbon footprint and many cynical implementations.

For example, Ubisoft sold NFT products for a while Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which were basically generic skins with unique serial numbers printed on them. this was faced a huge backlash by the players.

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In the indie marketplace, Itch.io is called NFT a scamMeanwhile Phil Spencer, head of games at Microsoft said in 2021 that he thought the current implementation was “more offensive than entertaining”.

Mentions of the technology became more common in 2021 as many major companies and celebrities launched their own initiatives, including Nike and McDonald’s.

According to the Game Developers Conference’s annual State of the Game Industry report, which asked more than 2,700 developers about their work, 70% of respondents said. They weren’t interested in adding NFTs to their games. NFT sales are also said to be fell sharply during 2022.

The general opinion among those who participated in the survey was reportedly the cynical implementation of NFTs seen so far, which some anonymous developers claimed for predatory use.

“Blockchain is a fundamental technology that will transform organizations and accountability, but NFTs and cryptocurrencies in general are a scam,” wrote one developer.