Diablo 4 Beta Dates Revealed, Begins March 17th

As predicted, the Diablo 4 beta dates were dropped during IGN’s Fan Fest event that took place over the past few days. Last night, the dates were revealed in full, laying out the path to the pre-subscriber-driven Early Access phase and the open beta phase, which is open to the public without restrictions.

It’s been over three years since Diablo 4 was revealed at BlizzCon 2019, and since then, developer Blizzard Entertainment has been feeding fans of the dungeon-raid RPG with content. Last year at The Game Awards, a new trailer was released showing off the game in all its majesty, but now Diablo 4’s beta dates have been confirmed and fans are beyond excited.

Diablo 4 Beta is almost here

The Diablo 4 beta won’t have long to drop, but it will arrive a little early for users who have already pre-ordered the game. Of course, if you want to access the beta earlier, you can just pre-order it before the Early Access phase starts.

17.–19. March pre-orders will have access to the full beta, while the public will have access from March 24-26. March.

The beta is said to offer “a significant look at the game”, According to IGNAfter the Fan Fest event. It delivers the entire prologue and first act to fans of the franchise, offering a bunch of side quests and a high-level capa. Early Access users can enjoy both phases, and the same game files are available for both beta phases.

However, beta progress will not carry over to the game’s full release, which will take place on June 6.

Diablo 4 will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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