Destiny fans pay in-game tribute to Lance Reddick

Destiny fans have gathered inside the game to pay tribute to the late Lance Reddick.

Actor who played Commander Zavala in the Destiny series was found dead at his home in Studio City on Friday. His cause of death is currently unknown.

Now, Destiny 2 players have rallied around Reddick’s character, Commander Zavala, in the game to pay tribute to the late actors.

Since news of his death broke, dozens of videos and screenshots of players making their way into the character’s game have surfaced online. Players have felt or knelt in front of Zavala to pay their respects to the actor, who died on Friday at the age of 60.

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“I was in the tower when I saw this news. All the guardians started paying their respects,” wrote one user on Twitter.

Second wrote“The man, and he was the only OG [voice actor] 3 out of three Vanguard characters that were still in the game. RIP Commander Zavala.”

This refers to the fact that of the three most prominent NPCs at Destiny 2’s launch, Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey (Gina Torress), and Cayde-6 (Nathan Fillion), Reddick was the only one of the three to appear as his character. up to the latest extension.

Torres was recast as the voice of Ikora Rey, now played by Mara Junot. Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6 was killed as part of the previous expansion.

In addition to being prominent in Destiny 2, the veteran actor was also known for his role as Sylens in the Horizon game series, where he served as the character’s voice and facial capture. He also performed Corrective actionQuantum Break.