CSGO Source 2 Code Hidden in Dota 2 Update, It’s Claimed

For a few days now, players have been grappling with rumors suggesting that a CSGO Source 2 product will appear in the near future. It was largely believed to be a sequel, but it has since been suggested that it will be the same old Counter-Strike running on Valve’s latest engine, Source 2.

Recently, fresh information has been revealed that may prove the validity of these rumors, as they have not been confirmed by Valve. on Twitter, Valve Leak “Gabe Follower 2” released a series of images that revealed the code hidden in an update for Dota 2 – which was the first game ever to run on Source 2.

This code reveals several key pieces of information about CSGO’s Source 2 transition, and most importantly, lends more credence to the idea that it will be released in some form very soon.

It’s time to upgrade

CSGO is over a decade old, and the Source Engine on which the game was built is approaching its twentieth birthday. It might be one of the most popular games in the world, especially recently with it record numbers of simultaneous playersbut it definitely needs modernization.

The latest on Twitter is apparently clear evidence of the modernization efforts we’re talking about:

The CSGO Source 2 project had already been reported bring the 128-tick servers to the platform that players have been looking for for some time. Not only that, but word is out that an all-new matchmaking system is set to debut with the launch of CSGO2.

Here’s what Gabe Follower’s images reveal, revealing the CSGO Source 2 code hidden within thousands and thousands of lines of data Inside the Dota 2 update:

  • A reference to the Zoo map, which was pulled from the competitive platform shortly after it was released in 2019.
  • References to cases and case keys – but no one really thought they could get rid of them with the CSGO Source 2 update.
  • A reference to “StickerKit” which some users believe allows players to remove and edit in-game stickers.
  • Likewise, references were found describing “PaintKit” and “SprayKit” devices, which may serve a similar purpose.
  • A reference to ‘UnusualLoot’ which is hard to define. In Team Fortress 2, ‘Unusual Loot’ refers to the rarest, sometimes strangest cosmetic items.

There are also expectations that the new operation will launch alongside CSGO Source 2, even if its first port is a beta product. However, this expectation is mostly an assumption based on a recent update in SteamDB.

Do you have high expectations for CSGO in Source 2, or do you think it will barely change the game?

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