Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are expected to release 5 triple-A games by March 2028

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal It is currently expected to release five triple-A games by March 31, 2028.

Lars Wingefors, CEO of Crystal Dynamics and the parent company of Eidos Embracerprovided an update on the group’s triple-A projects during the quarterly results presentation on Thursday.

He defined triple-A games as titles with more than 100 full-time developers in development.

They must also have substantial or substantial marketing budgets and be expected to sell at least two million copies.

And if the development is paid for by an outside partner, Embracer must also have a significant financial upside.

Perfect Dark – reveal trailer

One project that seems to meet all three criteria is Perfect Dark, Co-development of Xbox studio The Initiative and Crystal Dynamicswhich is financed Microsoft.

The other is Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider game, which is published by Amazon.

It was recently claimed that The new Deus Ex game was very early in development at Eidos Montrealand that the studio was working on a new IP address as well as collaborating with Microsoft Xbox games including Fable.

Before closing a $300 million deal last year to acquire much of the Square EnixEmbracer said it was by design releasing sequels, remakes, remasters, spin-offs and more For IPs from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, which also includes Thief.

And in November, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos CEO Phil Rogers said Crystal Dynamics had received an overwhelming response to a survey to gauge interest in a possible revival of the long-dormant Legacy of Kain series.

Releasing five triple-A games in the next five years would be a significant addition to the three released by the two studios in the past five years.

They were 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Eidos Montreal), 2020s Marvel’s Avengers (Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal) and 2021’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Eidos Montreal).

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are expected to release five triple-A games by March 2028

In total, Wingefors said Embracer plans to release 31 triple-A games by March 31, 2028.

In addition to the five from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, there will be eight Gearing Entertainment, from 11 Saber Interactivesix from Plaion and one THQ Nordic.

Four are expected to be released during Embracer’s next fiscal year, which ends in March 2024, with 7-8 to be released annually thereafter.

Of these games, 17 are in full production, nine are in pre-production and five are in the concept stage.

24 are published in-house, 28 are developed in-house, 23 are based on owned IPR, 24 are based on established IPR, and seven are based on new IP.

Only six of the 31 projects have been announced so far, Wingefors said.