CryptoTab Browser Pro APK 4.1.89 Download Latest Version Free for Android

The browser leverages an Android’s Native Webview (web browser) to handle the browsing experience. The app is available on the Play Store, and it allows you to browse the web without paying for data. Instead of using your mobile data plan, CryptoTab Browser Pro APK uses a VPN to mask your IP address with one from a country that does not have restrictions on browsing.

About CryptoTab Browser Pro APK

About CryptoTab Browser Pro APK

CryptoTab Browser Pro APK is a browser that enables you to send and receive encrypted messages, chat with friends and browse the web without being tracked. All the data is locally stored on your device with the encryption key and you can encrypt whatever you want, including messages, chats, images, and videos.

You can also use CryptoTab Browser Pro to surf the web anonymously without being tracked by hackers or Internet service providers. It’s like having a private VPN connection as it prevents governments and telecom companies from snooping on your browsing activity.

About CryptoTab Browser Pro APK

CryptoTab Browser Pro has been around since 2010 but has just been updated in March 2018 with new features such as voice recognition enabled for translation of text from one language to another (Russian to English).


  • Speed-multipliers
  • No commission
  • Secure association with public Wi-Fi
  • Battery advancement highlight

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Download CryptoTab Browser Pro APK for Android Latest Version Free

CryptoTab is a browser extension that allows users to mine cryptocurrencies on any website they visit with their computer, tablet, or phone. Simply download the browser extension, enter your desired level of mining power and start browsing. The more you browse the more coins you mine. CryptoTab is currently available for Windows, macOS, and Android devices with an iOS app coming soon. This project is open-source and completely free to use which means that users can be sure that their data will never be used for anything other than mining cryptocurrency.

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