Cookie Run Kingdom codes February 2023: Free crystals, rainbow cubes and more

Cookie Run: Kingdom codes are limited-time keys that players can enter to get free crystals, rainbow cubes, and other items in the popular action role-playing game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is the sixth game in the Cookie Run series and is an RPG and city-building battle sim. Players must build structures and expand their land while collecting cookies, characters that can fight for the player.

With our list Cookie Run: Kingdom Codesyou can collect more items that will help you progress through the game a bit faster.

New Cookie Run: Kingdom codes usually appear every month, and this list will be updated as new codes are added.

Codes also expire after some time, so if you know a Cookie Run: Kingdom code but it’s not on this list, it’s probably because it’s expired and doesn’t work anymore.

Latest update

We checked for new Cookie Run: Kingdom codes, but couldn’t find any that were added since the last update. See more about this space!

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New Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

  • 2. BIRTHDAY PARTY – Free CRK products
  • CRKALWAYSLOVEYOU – Free CRK products
  • CRK2NBIRTHDAY7 – Free CRK products
  • CRK2NBIRTHDAY6 – Free CRK products
  • CRK2NBIRTHDAY5 – Free CRK products
  • CRK2NBIRTHDAY4 – Free CRK products
  • CRK2NBIRTHDAY3 – Free CRK products
  • CRK2NBIRTHDAY2 – Free CRK products
  • CRK2NBIRTHDAY1 – Free CRK products

How to redeem Cookie Run: Kingdom codes

To redeem Cookie Run: Kingdom codes, follow our step-by-step guide below:

  1. To find your player ID, download the game, select the menu button in the upper right corner, then select Info and Settings.
  2. Write down your player ID.
  3. Head to the destination DevPlay Coupon Pageenter your player ID and then enter your code.
  4. Your rewards are now waiting in your in-game mailbox. If there are none, restart the application.

What are Cookie Run: Kingdom codes?

Using the codes above, players can get free crystals, rainbow cubes and other items simply by entering a line of text.

Our Cookie Run: Kingdom cheats list allows you to collect more items to help you progress through the game a little faster.