COD and Apex Developers Form Their Own Studio, Wildlight

It was recently revealed that there will be even more competition against the likes of Call of Duty as a new entity enters the scene: Wildlight Entertainment. Some of the former creative and technical minds who have previously worked on Call of Duty, Titanfall and Apex will become an entirely new studio working on something exciting.

This is likely intended to break the first-person monopoly held by a small group of titles, likely led by Call of Duty. That’s the goal Dr. Disrespect had in mind when he began developing Deaddrop with his own studio, Midnight Society, but his approach to marketing the game may not be so straightforward anymore.

Can Wildlight Entertainment produce something that truly disrupts the industry?

Introducing: Wildlight

In addition to having a really cool name and sharp logo, Wildlight Entertainment already has a star-studded and respected lineup. As revealed on Twitter, the studio was founded by Chad Grenier, who was once the founder of Respawn Entertainment and the force behind Apex Legends from 2019-2021.

Behind Chad Grenier are former Apex talents Jason McCord, David Osei and Rodney Reece. The studio’s roster is also bolstered by former Call of Duty developers, including Mohammad Alavi, who will be the company’s lead designer. Previously, Alavi was responsible for creating some of the most iconic scenes in Call of Duty history, including No Russian (MW2, 2009) and All Ghillied Up (COD 4, 2007).

There’s already something in the works, as Wildlight announced that it’s been working on the brand new IP under wraps for “some time,” but nothing else has been said about it other than the claim that it’s going to be an “epic shooter.”

Based in Woodland Hills, California and Seattle, Washington, the team is already impressive in size It is currently employing to expand its footprint.

It’s an exciting time – let’s wait and see what Wildlight can produce.

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