Call of Duty 2024 Might be Coming to Past Generation Consoles

Documents provided to Insider Gaming from Activision data breach As of December 4, 2022, suggests that Call of Duty 2024, codenamed Cerberus, could come to previous-gen consoles.

Previous rumblings around the Call of Duty franchise have suggested that Call of Duty will finally end its previous generation release Call of Duty 2023 which will be released later this year. While Insider Gaming can’t dive deep into the information mentioned in the documents, there are references to Cerberus being on last-gen consoles.

However, as mentioned in our last data breach report, it appears that some of the information publicly released on Twitter has already changed. This suggests that while the previous generation version of Call of Duty 2024 was once planned, the references found may have been outdated.

What adds some credence to the potential of another last-gen game for Call of Duty, however, is that Call of Duty now runs on the same engine regardless of which studio develops it. Such a change implemented for COD 2.0 is to make the development cycle more seamless across all studios.

Previous leakers from Dataminer RealityUK (who disappeared from Twitter after the leaks) previously shared images of Call of Duty 2024. The images were acquired using a Call of Duty phone, and one image featured the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, a retired American attack aircraft that was introduced in October 1983.

With Nintendo recently signed a 10-year deal with Microsoft to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo platforms, maybe Call of Duty needs Previous generation console version forward. Whatever the case, we’ll continue to update Project Cerberus as we hear more.

Check out Insider Gaming for more Microsoft’s statements that the PlayStation X Call of Duty contract will end next year.

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