Blood Bowl 3 developers apologize for server issues and in-game shop concerns

Blood Bowl 3 developer Cyanide Studios has apologized in a long blog post for the server problems and controversy surrounding the game’s monetization.

The send, which begins by thanking the players who have supported the game and then acknowledges a number of issues that have reflected in the game’s poor Steam notice.

At the time of writing, the game has a rejection rate of 74% out of about 900 reviews.

“We know that some features that players expect are missing, such as connecting to the game, and we are working hard to add those features,” the statement read.

“Game functionality is our top priority, and you can be sure that we’ll do our best to fix bugs or broken elements as soon as possible.”

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The statement also addressed the instability of the servers, an issue that has plagued the game since its early days.

“We’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the server issues leading up to and during the release. This has been our main concern since the start of Early Unlock. After yesterday’s patch update, our servers are more stable.”

The update then addressed the monetization issues that have caused much of the negative reviews.

“We’d like to talk about monetization and appreciate that this is a sensitive topic among the community. This is something we tried to communicate prior to launch, but we plan to introduce features that allow players to reward either cosmetic items or Warpstone by playing or purchasing.”

“We know we probably won’t be able to convince you all, but we really believe our system is fair, rewarding and optional, and that’s understandable.”

The finale of the issues addressed in the statement was a bug that resulted in players who purchased the standard version of the game receiving the Brutal Edition, which contained additional in-game items.

– This mistake is really unfortunate, but we don’t want to punish the players for the mistake. With that in mind, we will not remove the 1000 Warpstone players who did not purchase the Brutal version they received. However, we need to remove cosmetic bonuses that are only available to Brutal Edition players.”

In addition to this, players who intentionally purchased the more expensive Brutal Edition will be forgiven for more items due to the mistake.

“We would still like to reward the players who brought Brutal Edition to apologize for the mistake

“We accept 1,000 Warpstones for all Brutal Edition players and an additional 250 Warpstones for Early Unlock players for their trouble.

“This way, Brutal Edition players still have a 1,000 Warpstone bonus. With this bonus and yesterday’s compensation, this makes Early Unlock players a total of 1,500 Warpstone bonus, which hopefully seems fair.

“We understand this doesn’t solve everything, but we hope it at least eases that feeling and shows our gratitude. We always follow this policy with our community.”