Bethesda has announced a March release for top-down mobile shooter Mighty Doom

Bethesda will release Mighty Doom for mobile in select countries on March 21, 2023.

The iOS and Android The release date was announced in a new trailer, which can be viewed below.

Released in 2021, Soft promises top-down shooting action, run-and-gun combat, rogue-lite gameplay, and challenging bosses.

Mighty Doom – Official Announcement Trailer

“Mighty Doom is a delightfully violent top-down, one-touch shooter that introduces an all-new Mini Slayer and is set in the animated Doom universe,” according to the official trailer description.

“Run and shoot your way through delightfully violent demons, iconic levels and challenging bosses as you level up, unlock powerful skills and upgrade gear and weapons.”

Mighty Doom is developed by Bethesda’s Alpha Dog Games studio, which made Wraithborne and Monstrocity: Rampage before acquiring them. ZeniMax Media in 2019.

Players can register in advance to play the game iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Bethesda confirmed this recently Arkane StudiosRedfall will be released on May 2, 2023.

It also plans to publish Xbox console exclusive star field during the first half of the year.