Battlefield Veteran Lars Gustavsson Founds New Studio TTK Games

Battlefield veteran Lars Gustavsson, AKA Mr. Battlefield, has founded a new studio called TTK Games, Insider Gaming has learned.

By company applicationsthe new studio in Stockholm was founded in April 2022 and was registered in November 2022. The company is registered as “58210 – Publishing of Computer games”.

What TTK Games will include remains to be seen, but “TTK” generally stands for “Time to Kill,” so the studio could focus on shooters.

In September 2022, as part of EA’s wider Battlefield announcements, it was announced that Lars Gustavsson would be leaving DICE and EA entirely for “something new”.

Gustavsson thanked DICE and EA for their support over the years and said he was excited to “pass the baton”.

“I’ve dedicated a significant portion of my life to Battlefield and I’m extremely proud to have helped shape this franchise into what it is today. However, I think it’s time for something new. Thank you for all your support over the years, especially to all the very talented colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and most of all for the love and support of the community,” he said. “I’m sure I speak for both of us when I say we’re excited to move pass the baton to the creators of the next generation of Battlefield at DICE, Ripple Effect, Industrial Toys and Ridgeline Games and see how the series evolves in their skilled hands – you’re ready to do this! Goodbye and don’t forget to play the objective!”

Battlefield’s management team now includes former Call of Duty boss Byron Beede and Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella. In addition, Rebecka Coutaz heads the Swedish DICE studio, and Christian Grass heads the Ripple Effect studio. Alex Seropian, who was involved in the creation of Halo, continues as the boss of Battlefield Mobile studio Industrial Toys.

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