Avalanche is looking into a fix for Hogwarts Legacy players getting stuck under the map or in objects

Avalanche software has said it is looking for a fix Hogwarts Legacy players get stuck under the map or inside objects.

Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood responded to a fan video of a player stuck under a map, saying the studio was aware of the issue and offered a few possible workarounds as it looked into the issue further.

One possible solution is to quit the game and load the oldest autosave. The other is moving to another location below the map where players will be able to fast travel.

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Wood also advised players to continue reporting bugs and issues they encounter here.

Avalanche released the first post-release patch for Hogwarts Legacy Xbox Series X/S and PC on Tuesday.

The update addressed general game performance and stability, as well as network connectivity improvements, it said (see Full repair details here).

Hogwarts Legacy – Gameplay Showcase II

Due to some “unforeseen issues”, a PS5 The patch previously scheduled for Tuesday was also delayed by a few days.

The PS5 update includes a fix for the Collector’s Edition Trophy, which players must earn by the latest filling all collections.

Hogwarts Legacy, based on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, was released last week amid significant controversy over its author’s publicly expressed views on transgender rights.

The game is the subject boycott because of multiple audiences comments from Rowling considered by many to be transphobic (for a complete breakdown of the situation, we recommend This article was written by Glamor).

Although the author was not involved in the development of the game, critics point out that Rowling is likely to benefit from Hogwarts’ legacy and benefit from its popularity.

Hogwarts Legacy is released PS4 and Xbox One April 4 and for Nintendo Switch on July 25.