Survivor Story Trailer Dives More Into Its Narrative

Respawn Entertainment has been slowly revealing the details of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s fight and riddles, but it’s been pretty tight-lipped about its plot. Some of that has changed with a new story trailer that dives into the action game’s story. The trailer is still suitably vague in places, but it seems to…

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Respawn has opened a third studio to work on Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has opened a third development studio to work on Apex Legends. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the studio is led by Ryan Burnett, who was previously director of engine production Epic games and also spent 14 years as a Call of Duty developer Raven software. Burnett said that the Wisconsin studio is working…

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Xbox’s mobile game store could launch next year

MicrosoftThe game manager has suggested that the mobile game store planned by the company might be ready next year. Talking Financial Times, Phil Spencer reiterated his plan to launch an Xbox-branded app store on iOS and Android and explained that Microsoft is already preparing for a date when this could be legally possible. In the…

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